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This section provides over 50 profiles of the most influential or controversial finance writers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs; those who shaped modern finance through their contributions to both theory and practice. These profiles offer insights into the background, defining moments, and legacies of each of the key characters including: Joseph de la Vega, Franco Modigliani, and Louis Bachelier, to Franco Modigliani, Paul Samuelson, and Myron Scholes.

  • Benjamin Graham
    The father of modern security analysis
    Benjamin Graham was an economist and investor who defended rigorous security analysis throughout his career. He studied at Columbia University, but declined a teaching position to be a chalker on Wall Street with Newburger, Henderson and Loeb. Bright and ambitious, he was soon undertaking financial research for the firm, and was eventually made a partner. Although the market crash of 1929 almost wiped him out, Graham continued to make useful...
  • Burton Malkiel
    American economist, and author of classic finance book, A Random Walk Down Wall Street
    Burton Malkiel is an economist and author of the seminal investment book, A Random Walk Down Wall Street. He began his career in investment banking for Smith Barney & Co., before teaching at Princeton, where he became Professor of Economics at Princeton University, and Chairman of the Economics Department. He is a past appointee to the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, and has served on the boards of several financial corporations,...
  • Edwin Lefèvre
    American writer and statesman, best known for his writings on Wall Street
    Edwin Lefèvre was a journalist, writer, and statesman, and is best known for his writings on Wall Street, which were successful in the 1920s and early 1930s. He was born to American parents, and educated at Michigan Military Academy and Lehigh University. He was an independently wealthy investor, who turned to writing short stories about what he observed on Wall Street. He followed this with several novels about money and finance. During the...
  • Gary Brinson
    One of the world’s most influential investment managers
    Gary Brinson is a global investment expert, writer, and founder and retired chair of Brinson Partners, and private investment firm, GP Brinson Investments. He started his career at Travelers Insurance and went on to become chief investment officer for the First National Bank of Chicago, where he set up its asset-management unit. He orchestrated a management buyout of the division to create Brinson Partners, Chicago, which he later sold to Swiss...
  • George Soros
    Billionaire philanthropist who “broke” the Bank of England
    George Soros is a financial speculator, stock investor, billionaire, philanthropist, and political activist, and is known for “breaking the Bank of England” on Black Wednesday in 1992. He was 13 when Nazi Germany invaded Hungary. To avoid being apprehended by the Nazis, his father sent him to live with a non-Jewish employee, posing as his godson. His first experience of finance was trading currencies during the Hungarian hyperinflation period of...
  • Harry Markowitz
    The grandfather of modern portfolio theory
    Harry Markowitz is an influential economist, best known for his groundbreaking work on modern portfolio theory. He studied at the University of Chicago, and worked at the Cowles Foundation, based at Yale, before joining the RAND Corporation, where he helped develop SIMSCRIPT, the first simulation programming language. He went on to cofound CACI International, and to provide support and training for the program after it was released to the...
  • Prince Al-Walid bin Talal
    Billionaire member of Saudi royal family and international investor
    Prince Al-Walid bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, commonly known as Prince Al-Walid, is a member of the Saudi royal family, his grandfather being Abdul Aziz al Saud, the founding king of Saudi Arabia. He is an entrepreneur, businessman, and international investor who began his business career after graduating from Menlo College, funded by a US$30,000 loan from his father and a US$300,000 mortgage on his house. He initially brokered deals with...
  • Warren Buffett
    The sage of Omaha
    Warren Buffett is a multibillionaire investor, businessman and philanthropist, and one of the most influential people in the financial world. As a child, he quickly started making business deals, before studying at Columbia Business School under investment guru, Benjamin Graham, the first proponent of value investing. He formed the investment firm, Buffett-Falk & Co., and worked as an investment salesman, before Graham offered him a job at the...

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