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QFINANCE viewpoints provide you with the distilled thoughts of finance leaders and experts, outlining their current thinking on the crucial issues and challenges facing finance managers, entrepreneurs and business executives. The contributions are drawn from an array of practitioners and thinkers from the world of finance and business.

  • Mend the Balance Sheet
    by Sir Howard Davies
    This is a remarkably challenging time to be a chief financial officer (CFO). All the comfortable assumptions of the last decade or more have been overturned in a very short time; the credit crunch is rapidly rewriting the rules of the game.For years, banks have been almost embarrassingly keen to lend. That has been particularly true in the case of lending to individuals. We have all received credit card cheques through the mail, and regular...
  • Moving Away from Traditional Budgeting
    by Lawrence Phillips
    Every organization has finite resources and must, therefore, assign priorities to a range of possible options when allocating its budget. However, in my experience, very few organizations do this particularly well.The traditional approach to budgeting invariably leads to “silo decisions,” in which resources are allocated on a project-by-project basis. The individual judgments that are being made preclude any coherent analysis of the wider...
  • Sustainability Reporting and Assurance—A Market-Driven Transformation
    by Brendan LeBlanc, Barruch Ben-Zekry
    Companies today are looking for ways to measure and report more than just their financial statements. To increase profits and build transparency and accountability with their customers, employees, suppliers, boards, investors, and the public, companies are also looking to measure and report on their environmental, social, and governmental performance.To understand sustainability reporting, we need to look back at its evolution. Sustainability...

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