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Dan Swanson

Dan Swanson
Dan Swanson is a 26-year internal audit veteran, who was formerly the Director of Professional Practices at the Institute of Internal Auditors. Swanson writes a monthly internal audit column for AuditNet, a quarterly IT audit column for the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors (AHIA), and a monthly IT governance resource newsletter for IT Governance Ltd. He previously wrote a monthly internal audit column for Compliance Week.

Recent blog posts

  • Finance needs to be high performing!
    The finance function is a strategic one because it helps drive organizations to higher levels of performance by delivering information that enables key strategic decisions to be made. In addition to strategic planning, a well-run finance department supports sound financial management, organizational performance reporting, treasury-related activities, and financial reporting (among numerous other things). It tells you how many dollars are coming and going, and where they’re coming from and going to. Without that information, people are driving blindfolded, and the organization will have a difficult time building and then sustaining long-term value.


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