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Insider Monkey

Insider Monkey
It's a well known fact that insiders profit from their transactions. More than 59,000 different insiders made public filings with the SEC in 2009. The year before that, more than 65,000 did. Blindly imitating all of these insiders won't yield much. Monkeying only the top insiders, the ones who have the best track record, is a different story. Insider Monkey uses a hybrid evaluation system that exploits insider transactions and other market anomalies to reduce the number of insiders who are worthy enough to monkey. Insider Monkey also provides high quality evidence based articles to inform individual investors about the intricacies of investing.

Recent blog posts

  • What Percentage of Hedge Fund Profits Are Pocketed by Managers?
    What percentage of hedge fund profits are pocketed by hedge fund managers? Reuters published an article a few days ago with the following title: “Managers Pocket 28 Percent of Hedge Fund Profits-Study.” That’s a very misleading title. First of all, this is not a constant value. It is a function of returns. When returns are higher hedge fund managers capture a smaller percentage of profits and when returns are lower hedge fund managers pocket a larger percentage of profits because of their flat management fees. Hedge fund managers also pocket more than 100% of profits when their returns are negative, like in 2011.
  • The Problem of Mobility and Facebook’s Battle for Revenue
    Social media figures prominently amongst mobile phone users in the US, with roughly 80% of all mobile phone owners using Facebook. It may sound like a goldmine, but Facebook doesn’t make any money from its mobile products. “We do not currently directly generate any meaningful revenue from the use of Facebook mobile products, and our ability to do so successfully is unproven,” said the company in the review of risks it faces filed in its IPO paperwork. Of course, it is entirely possible that Facebook is holding back, delaying the launch of mobile revenues until after it has more of a footing in the mobile market (the same “ad-free” strategy it used when it first launched), or waiting until after its IPO. After all, Facebook already laid the groundwork for this with programs like Facebook Places.
  • Stock Market Legends Were Hammered In China; Buffett Lost $1.7 billion In Asia-Pacific
    The stock market performance in China can be described as “tragic” in 2011. Shanghai Composite Index was down 21.68, while Shenzhen Component Index declined 28.41% last year. The vast majority of Chinese investors suffered heavy losses. However, based on Guangzhou Evening News, what appeases Chinese investors’ unhappiness is that several international stock market legends that invested in Chinese stock market, including Anthony Bolton and Warren Buffett, were also hammered last year.


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