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Searching Finance highlights and publishes the best in business, economics and finance. Our brief covers management reports, books, research and consultancy. For more information, visit

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  • How far can investment firms innovate?
    I’m continually impressed and amazed by the speed of change in the technology of the investment markets. For example, last year was all talk about low latency and lit versus dark pools. This year, it’s all about private cloud-based services based upon co-location and proximity services. Next year, it will be all about real-time liquidity and settlement.
  • Why would a bank change its core system?
    There are lots of reasons why a bank would change its core system. Here’s my top five. Legacy constraints This is the most obvious one, but it does not create a reason for changing a core system in or of itself. After all, I know of plenty of banks that continue to operate processors and applications developed in the 1960s and 1970s because the view is: ‘if it ain’t broke, leave it’.


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