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  1. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    Challenges on talent front

    Gulf nations will have to become less rigidly hierarchical if they are going to boost entrepreneurialism and attract and retain overseas talent, according to speakers at the Doha Business Roundtable. Linda Hill, professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, one of the speakers at the Economist-organized event, said that if expatriate workers are denied the chance to get to the upper echelons of indigenous businesses...

  2. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    Doha revisited

    Protectionism has become the “crack cocaine” of modern politics and anti-globalization forces have been emboldened by the global downturn, according to Mike Moore, the former prime minister of New Zealand. Speaking at the opening of the Doha Business Roundtable, “Gulf 2020: Scenario planning in a post crisis-economy,” in Qatar, Moore highlighted a recent report from the WTO which exposed...

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