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QFINANCE Blog Category: Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. Finance Blogger: QFINANCE Editor

    QFINANCE weekly news round up

    Rallies continued all week in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, as protestors aimed to oust current Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. Concerns over instability in the Middle East possibly affecting shipping in the Suez canal led to a surge in oil prices.

  2. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser and Anthony Harrington

    2011: The Year Ahead - Russia’s prospects and problems

    Despite the self inflicted public relations disaster of the second Khordokovsky trial, with its absurd guilty verdict, the Russian Federation is still rated a good bet by both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

  3. Finance Blogger: Anthony Harrington

    GM is the second largest IPO in US history – why?

    From needing a massive US taxpayer handout at the height of the crash, on November 17 2010 General Motors successfully rose from the ashes, pushing through a $15.8 billion IPO of common shares, the second largest in US history after the $19.7 billion Visa IPO in 2008.

  4. Finance Blogger: All About Alpha

    Using options instead of stocks for merger arb: Apparently not for the faint of heart

    With corporate balance sheets flush with cash, there has been a lot of talk recently about the potential for an M&A bonanza. This, of course, would provide opportunities for merger arbitrage hedge fund managers. Whether you consider their returns to be a fair compensation for long the successful completion of deals or the result of pure skill, research has shown that merger arb has produced positive returns over time.

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