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  1. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    Asset management: a sector in urgent need of an overhaul

    The finger of blame for the global financial crisis of 2007-09, which saw hundreds of banks worldwide dump their losses on taxpayers and whose fallout continues to be felt six years on, has been pointed in a number of directions.

  2. Finance Blogger: Mindful Money

    Will there be taxing times for everybody or just savers?

    Many times as I have surveyed the credit crunch era, it has been apparent to me that economic policy in the countries affected is set to benefit borrowers and debtors. I would love to think that the world economy is now “saved”, and the UK economy’s current mini-boom will extend to the end of time. But, you see, such phases were present in the Great Depression of the 1920/1930s and the clue is in its name.

  3. Finance Blogger: Morningstar

    Chancellor Cuts Pension Tax Relief

    Chancellor George Osborne reveals a cut to the annual tax-free allowance for pensions but raises the ISA contribution limit

  4. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    To change investors' priorities, first change the law

    The UK government desperately wants investors and asset managers to act as its front line in the war against ‘crony capitalism’, irresponsible management and fat cat pay. Investors, unenthusiastic about performing such a role even at the best of times, are warning they are probably unable to unless the law is changed.

  5. Finance Blogger: QFINANCE Editor

    How to find your way through a maze of business terminology

    Do you have a 'cafeteria plan'? Why not? Have you ever heard of 'wimbledonization'? Don’t you think you should have? Can you guess what a 'stockalypse' is? Does all this jargon make your head spin? If there is one thing that the global financial crash has reminded us of, it’s that we are all connected.

  6. Finance Blogger: Anthony Harrington

    Markets plunge on Obama's agreement to tackle US deficit – what’s wrong with that?

    Agreement was reached and the markets plunged. Why? Because the markets, most of the time, are not stupid... The fact that world stocks hit a two-week low the day after the US finally cobbled together an agreement on the debt ceiling should have surprised no one, and was in fact a perfectly rational response to all that had gone before.

  7. Finance Blogger: QFINANCE Editor

    A week in the world of business and finance (June 20 - 24, 2011)

    Each week QFINANCE will endeavor to bring you some of the biggest news stories from the past five days in finance and business, as well as some of the most fascinating websites and links that have crossed our path. We hope you'll enjoy reading, we hope you'll have a great weekend and we hope that you'll come back each Friday to brush up on your finance and business knowledge.

  8. Finance Blogger: Pensionomics

    Osborne's Budget: what does it mean for pension reform?

    Much of the major pensions-related reforms within this Budget was trailed early, notably the introduction of a flat state pension and the recommendations made by the Hutton report. Still, it is a significant budget in terms of its ramifications for pensions in the UK and there was one notable detail, namely the aim to index the state pension to longevity going forward in some way.

  9. Finance Blogger: QFINANCE Editor

    QFINANCE Top 5 Stories of the Week

    QFINANCE brings to you its top 5 financial news stories of the week, along with relevant QFINANCE articles and definitions to fill you in on background details. Stories this week include protests across France against pension reforms, the UK spending review, and G20 reactions to the currency wars.

  10. Finance Blogger: Pensionomics

    Guest blog: A measured approach to public sector pension reform is the right way forward

    After a heated public debate about the unfairness of public sector pensions, Lord Hutton’s interim report comes as a breadth of fresh air. Its tone and suggested approach to addressing the issues is measured, which must surely be a good thing in such an emotionally-charged environment.

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