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Singapore – The business capital of the world?

Singapore – The business capital of the world? Mindful Money

In the scramble to invest in emerging markets, especially in Asia where China and India dominate the investment landscape, markets such as Singapore often get overlooked. The city state is developing itself into a hub in Asia, located between the two economic juggernauts of China and India.

Singapore, despite becoming self-governing only in 1959, has developed into the 5th busiest port in the world, 4th leading financial center, 3rd largest oil refining center, 2nd largest gambling center and the leading oil-rig producer. In addition, the state has been recognized as the easiest place in the world to do business, ranked consistently as one of the least corrupt countries in the world, and has managed to retain a AAA rating from the 3 leading credit rating agencies. It is due to take over from Switzerland as the world’s leading wealth management center in 2013. There are more $ millionaire households per capita than any other country. The presence of strong protection of property rights, efficient government, and a low tax regime has been critical to the economic and financial growth of Singapore. The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook published recently showed Singapore as the 4th most competitive country in which to do business.

From an investment perspective, there is a large of pool of well managed companies which are not only generating strong returns, but also have good corporate governance standards. On a recent 2 week trip to Singapore, I met with several companies which were market leaders in their sectors, delivering strong profits and dividend growth, often with little or no leverage. The macro picture is one of growing GDP growth, low inflation and unemployment and a budget that is in the black. The lack of leverage at a corporate, personal and sovereign level augurs well for Singapore. It will no doubt assist in further entrenching its position as a hub in Asia, when there is a recovery in the global financial markets.

This article was written by Ketan Patel and originally published on Mindful Money under the title:Singapore – The business capital of the world?

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