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QFINANCE Top 5 Stories of the Week

QFINANCE brings to you its top 5 financial news stories of the week, along with relevent QFINANCE articles and definitions to fill you in on background details. Stories this week include gold sales ending in Europe, a possible global 'currency war', according to Brazil's finance minister, and speculation over Ireland's estimated $50 billion bailout.


Gold sales in Europe ending

Europe’s central banks announced that they would stop selling gold reserves after more than 10 years’ of large disposals.


Brazil warns of an ‘international currency war’

Brazil’s finance minister, Guido Mantega, claimed that an ‘international currency war’ had begun, thanks to lowering of exchange rates to encourage competition between countries such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.


Grant Thornton calls for cap on Big Four

Grant Thornton, the UK’s fifth largest auditor, has highlighted a potential threat caused by the dominance of the Big Four auditors, suggesting the introduction of a cap on the market share of UK auditors.


Differing opinions in Federal Bank are exposed in speeches

The use of quantitative easing has split opinion in the Fed, it emerged after speeches by representatives of Boston, Menneapolis and Philadelphia at a Fed September meeting.


Speculation over Ireland’s possible $50bn bailout

The estimated amount of money needed to save Ireland from financial collapse rose to $50 billion. Irish ministers have promised a new series of measures in a bid to save the economy.

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