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QFINANCE news round up

Bringing to you the top finance and business news stories of the week.

Libya crisis

Libya's rebel opposition council will start benefiting from oil sales as Qatar agreed to recognise it as representing the warring nation. Rebels now have control over most of the oil output in Libya; however they are concerned about difficulties in insuring ships carrying the commodity. Read more about the Libya crisis in Anthony Harrington's blog.

Global supply chain

The global supply chain has been put under enormous pressure since the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the Economist reported. Many suppliers in Japan provide specialist materials that are hard to find elsewhere, leading to car manufacturing in America and Japan.

Chinese Walls

The FT reported that Barclays was just one of the banks to be caught up in a Libor rates-rigging probe, being carried out by US and UK regulators. Ian Fraser looked at how this undermined Chinese Walls that stop confidential information passing round a financial institution.

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