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How to find your way through a maze of business terminology

Do you have a 'cafeteria plan'? Why not? Have you ever heard of 'wimbledonization'? Don’t you think you should have? Can you guess what a 'stockalypse' is? Does all this jargon make your head spin?

If there is one thing that the global financial crash has reminded us of, it’s that we are all connected. The US government is showing a visible interest in the EU, with US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner attending sovereign debt crisis meetings between European leaders, and currency wars frequently taking prominent space in newspapers. Along with this new interconnectedness between international businesses come new words, phrases and expressions from a variety of different financial disciplines, as well as a wealth of nations, that may seem very strange and unusual.

Of course, the world of finance is driven by necessity and in high-pressure business environments it is necessary not to get caught out. There’ve undoubtedly been moments in everyone’s career when a word or phrase has come up that we don’t know, whether it’s in a meeting, at a conference or, for those who were particularly unfortunate (or just underprepared), in an interview.

The dreaded interview

The interview scenario is especially tough because there’s very little that you can do to alter your mistake. How do you answer a question without knowing fully what it means? With your answer you could always attempt to talk in a rather broad and vague way that doesn’t belie your ignorance of the expression in question, which may work. You could talk really confidently about a related topic that you are confident in your awareness of, because it’s not really what you say but how you say it. Or, you could stare off into the distance and then, pretending you didn’t hear the interviewer, ask them to repeat the question, hoping that they will change their phrasing, omitting the dreaded term. The latter is not a widely-recognized interview technique.

With the QFINANCE Dictionary of Business and Finance, your knowledge of professional terms and expressions will never let you down again. This new app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch contains over 9,000 financial terms from a variety of fields and disciplines, including Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Investments, Marketing, Risk, Tax and many more.

It is no secret that knowledge is power, and staying ahead of the competition involves keeping up-to-date with the language used in that particular area, without which you could be lost. The QFINANCE Dictionary of Business and Finance can give you clear and concise definitions of these words and phrases in seconds, so that you can get that crucial explanation as and when you need it. Within your search, the Dictionary will intuitively try to help you for the future, by remembering your previous searches and by inserting links to similar or useful terms that you may come across within the same area of business.

Don't fall into a 'big bath'

The app also includes an informative and fun ‘Term of the day’ feature that helps you to effortlessly keep learning and expanding your knowledge of the financial world. You can ask your colleagues or friends if they’ve ever gotten into a 'big bath', come across a 'tenbagger' or been caught in a 'Lady Macbeth strategy'.

The new QFINANCE Dictionary app, with concise definitions of thousands of financial terms, is an invaluable reference tool and essential professional companion that will help you to quickly identify the correct financial terminology for the situation that you are in.

The QFINANCE Dictionary of Business and Finance can be used on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and is available to buy from the App Store now.

Find the right words with QFINANCE.

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