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The Week Ahead in Finance (03-03-2014)

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Each week brings you five things to look out for in the week ahead (03-03-2014). Essential news that will shape the week and help you keep ahead in the world of business and finance.

ECB to ward off deflation: Economists are anticipating liquidity-focused measures from the European Central Bank this week, with the updated economic forecast set to be published on Thursday.

UK floods effects: Following a month of floods and what was described as the “wettest winter on record” for the UK, data being published this week will reveal the impact of the floods on construction, manufacturing and services.

North Korea elections: North Korea is preparing for elections on March the 9th, the first parliamentary ballot since Kim Jong Un took power in 2011.

Russia rattles the markets: Russia decision to send troops into Ukraine has brought strong uncertainty to global markets. According to the Globe and Mail website on Sunday, "The crisis in Ukraine is raising the anxiety level among global investors".

Interest rates in Africa: Three African countries will consider interest rates this week as both Kenya and Uganda’s central banks are announcing their decisions on Tuesday, followed by Mauritius on Friday.

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