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QFINANCE: financial news roundup (July 18 - 24, 2014)

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Each week brings you some of the biggest news stories from the past five days in finance and business – essential reading to keep you up to date with the latest topics.

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Thursday July 24

Google’s “right to be forgotten” ruling is being discussed in the European Union (EU), the BBC reported, following the EU court rule in May that “irrelevant” and outdated data should be erased from searches.

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China's manufacturing activity has grown at its fastest pace for the last 18 months, the BBC reported, according to a newly published survey from HSBC.

Wednesday July 23

Gas Infrastructure Europe confirmed that the continent has enough spare capacity in liquefied natural gas (LNG) to cover a most of the region’s needs if Russia retaliates against the latest sanctions and restricts gas supplies, the Telegraph reported.

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According to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), UK factories are employing workers at the fastest rate in more than 40 years, the Guardian reported.

Tuesday July 22

With the help of Deutsche Bank and Barclays, more than a dozen hedge funds have used “dubious” financial products to claim billions in unjustified tax savings, the Guardian reported.

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Emerging markets and neighboring countries borrowed a record amount of money in capital markets in the first half of this year, the Financial Times reported. Central banks warn that “debt market euphoria” could accumulate trouble in the future.

Monday July 21

Bank of England governor Mark Carney is leading discussions over proposals aimed at tackling the problem of the “too big to fail” banks, the Financial Times reported.

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Friday July 18

Technology giant Microsoft is implementing its largest workforce cuts in its 39 year history, axing 18,000 jobs over the next year, the Guardian reported. Layers of management are being removed as it absorbs its newly acquired Nokia phone business.

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