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This section provides over 50 profiles of the most influential or controversial finance writers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs; those who shaped modern finance through their contributions to both theory and practice. These profiles offer insights into the background, defining moments, and legacies of each of the key characters including: Joseph de la Vega, Franco Modigliani, and Louis Bachelier, to Franco Modigliani, Paul Samuelson, and Myron Scholes.

  • Andrew Carnegie
    The original wealthy philanthropist
    Andrew Carnegie was born into poverty in Scotland and moved to the United States with his family when he was 12. After a succession of jobs he joined the Pennsylvania Railroad, as a telegraph operator and was quickly promoted. He started investing when only 21, and continued to invest wisely, especially in the burgeoning oil industry. By the time he was 30, he was the principal shareholder in several successful companies, a partner in others,...
  • Herman Daly
    The founding father of ecological economics
    Herman Daly has been a greatly influential figure in the development of the interdisciplinary field of ecological economics through his research and study of economic development, sustainability, population, resources, and the environment, and the publication of over 100 articles in scholarly journals and magazines. Although remaining in academia throughout his career, he also worked at the World Bank, where he helped to develop policy...
  • John D. Rockefeller
    American industrialist, and the world’s first dollar billionaire
    John D. Rockefeller was an industrialist, the patriarch of America’s best-known family, and the world’s richest man of his time. After only a year at high school, and a short time at Folsom Mercantile College, he became an office boy and assistant bookkeeper at the firm of Hewitt & Tuttle. He stayed there for three years, before starting his own business. After this proved successful, he moved into the oil business, buying out most of the local...
  • Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen
    The first ecological economist
    After taking his undergraduate degree in Romania, Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen studied in the United Kingdom, France, and the United States before returning to Romania and lecturing at the University of Bucharest. After World War II he held a variety of government posts and was involved in postwar negotiations with the Soviet Union. In 1948 he fled Romania with his wife to avoid arrest by the Communist regime, returning to the United States and...

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