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QFINANCE viewpoints provide you with the distilled thoughts of finance leaders and experts, outlining their current thinking on the crucial issues and challenges facing finance managers, entrepreneurs and business executives. The contributions are drawn from an array of practitioners and thinkers from the world of finance and business.

  • China 2020: Double and Quadruple Happiness
    by Frank Feather
    Frank Feather is a business futurist, with a remarkably accurate 30-year forecasting track record that often defies conventional wisdom. He is ranked as one of the “Top 100 Futurists of All Time” by Macmillan’s Encyclopedia of the Future. A best-selling author and dynamic keynote speaker, Feather was born in the UK but is now based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has consulted to companies including Ericsson, IBM, Ford, Nokia, and Shell....
  • China’s Fragile New Prosperity
    by Gabriel Stein, Charles Dumas
    A Recurring PatternThere is a recurring pattern in Chinese history. There is chaos in the land, and then a new dynasty seizes power—proving that it possesses the Mandate of Heaven, the right to rule. The founder of the dynasty is competent, probably also ruthless, and China flourishes. His immediate successors are generally also competent (and ruthless) and manage to maintain and possibly even expand their predecessor’s work. But, eventually,...
  • Corporate Strategies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) from 2009 to 2011
    by Nenad Pacek
    Nenad is Vice President of Corporate Network, Economist Group’s business advisery service for multinational companies. Nenad is the lead author of the best selling book Emerging Markets: lessons for business success and outlook for different markets. He advises global and regional managers of multinational companies on how to make the best strategic and operational choices regarding international expansion and how to interpret economic and...
  • Corporate Taxation and Its Impact on Foreign Direct Investment
    by Graeme Leach
    Graeme Leach is Chief Economist and Director of Policy at the Institute of Directors, which he joined in August 1998. He is also visiting professor of economic policy at the University of Lincoln.A frequent conference speaker and media commentator on the UK and global economy, in recent years he has spoken at conferences in the US, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Taiwan, and Zimbabwe.In 2006 he was...
  • Economic Ebb and Flow, a World of Challenges and Opportunities
    by Hamish McRae
    Hamish McRae is the principal economic commentator of The Independent and The Independent on Sunday.He is the author of the acclaimed work The World in 2020: Power, Culture and Prosperity, first published in 1994 and translated into more than a dozen languages.His other books include Capital City—London as a Financial Centre, co-authored with Frances Cairncross, and Wake-up Japan, co-authored with Tadashi Nakamae.In 2007 he won Communicator of...
  • Globalization, Challenges and Threats—Where Will the WTO and Free Trade Go?
    by Mike Moore
    Mike Moore is the Special Adviser to the UN Global Compact for Business and Development. He was Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1990 and Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) from 1999 to 2002.He has had a distinguished career in politics and was the driving force behind important changes in the WTO. His term at the WTO coincided with momentous changes in the global economy and multilateral trading system. He is widely credited...
  • In Data We Trust
    by Björn Bloching
    There were harbingers of the customer data revolution in the early 1990s—on the shelves of Wal-Mart’s stores, among other places. The world’s largest retailer had invested early in database systems, initially in order to optimize its logistics and warehousing. A number of anecdotes circulate about how the company’s marketers had their eureka moment regarding information technology. A Wal-Mart manager told us it happened like this: a smart cookie...
  • India Today and Tomorrow
    by Rajiv Dogra
    Rajiv Dogra is a diplomat by profession, engineer by training, writer by choice and an artist by inclination. He is currently based in New Delhi and is a well-known commentator and columnist. He became a member of the Indian Diplomatic Service in 1974. During the course of a wide ranging professional career he was India’s Ambassador to Italy, Romania, Moldova, Albania and San Marino . He was also India’s Permanent Representative to the United...
  • The Art of Building Momentum for Innovation
    by Geoff Mulgan
    In this highly connected and globalized world economy it has become conventional wisdom that sustained innovation in products, services, and practices is the only route to long-term growth. But there is much less agreement on how this should be achieved. We know that governments everywhere play a central role not just in backing fundamental research and development, but also in helping technologies come to market; yet people are rightly wary of...
  • The Changing Role of the CFO
    by Thibault de Tersant
    Thibault de Tersant has been executive vice president and CFO of Dassault Systèmes since joining the company in 1988 and was appointed senior executive vice-president in 2006. He is responsible for finance, investor relations, legal affairs, sales business administration, information technology, and internal controls for the company. He was elected to the board of the company in 1993 and currently holds directorships of various subsidiaries. He...
  • The Evolving Role of the CFO
    by Aldo Mareuse
    Aldo Mareuse, 44, has been chief financial officer of Orascom Telecom Holding, the Middle East’s most successful mobile telecoms group since 2002. Based in Cairo, Egypt, Orascom Telecom is listed on the Cairo and London stock exchanges. Aldo Mareuse is also CFO of Weather Investment SpA, a private company that owns a majority stake in Orascom Telecom. Weather also owns Wind, Italy’s third largest mobile operator, and Wind Hellas, the third...
  • The Importance of Trust—In Everything
    by Jonathan M. Karpoff
    Most investors had a terrible 2008. But stockholders in Xerox Corporation have had a bad decade. Xerox’s story contains an important lesson because, in addition to a decreasing demand for copiers, its struggles have been compounded by a lack of trust in its financial reporting.Xerox’s share price was flying high until October 8, 1999, when the firm announced that its quarterly earnings would fall short of expectations. As investors soon...

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