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  • A European Stabilization Bank?

    John A. Morrison, Peter Lindmark, and Robert McDowell, Asymptotix

    This paper, "A European Stabilization Bank?" is a collection of blog posts published earlier this year on aimed to the European Commission, MEPs, the ECB and anyone else interested in European politics. Due to the huge interest and discussions which followed, we decided to collate the material into one White Paper. This White Paper highlights our concerns over the European Institution’s response to the crisis in terms of funding, regulation and supervision. It does not provide answers to all problems but it tries to formulate a few proposals, among them the need for a European Stabilization Bank.

  • Capitalizing on Social Media Financial Transactions

    Saku Oikarinen, Global Intelligence Alliance

    Retail banks largely missed out on opportunities to develop online financial services during the e-commerce revolution of the ‘90s. They may be missing out again, this time within the realm of social media—except that now, the global online virtual dollar market can reach US$10 billion in 2010, with Asia accounting for US$7 billion, according to Engage Digital Media.

  • Inside the Volatility Zone: A Plan for Success

    David R. Bristow, Siag Risk Management, and John A. Morrison, Asymptotix

    As regulators respond to the global financial crisis, “Inside The Volatility Zone” from Asymptotix (deep domain expertise) and Siag Risk Management (technology solutions) presents a solution to Tier 1 market risk management which could change thinking about how to optimally manage technology and risk in silo-based environments (challenges of the black hole of the Volatility Zone), efficient capital management, and full regulatory Basel III compliance.

  • Lessons from Change: The Challenging Banking Environment

    Ernst & Young

    The global financial crisis has had a profound impact on banks of all sizes and they face reduced public confidence, heightened shareholder scrutiny, and increased regulatory oversight. The financial services industry is in a state of constant flux and forward-looking institutions understand that formalizing processes and systems is necessary to support strategic decision-making and prepare for the unexpected.

  • Limited Liability Non-Bank Government Debt for the Eurozone

    Alistair Milne, Cass Business School

    This paper examines the weaknesses in the operation of the European single currency and makes proposals for correcting them.

  • Quantitative Easing and the Yield on the Ten Year Gilt

    John A. Morrison, Asymptotix

    This white paper looks at role of the 10Y yield versus the base interest rate in a time of quantitative easing, and takes an historical view, looking back at the actions of the Thatcher government in 1979–83 to suggest that interest rates are due to rise markedly.

  • The Political Economy of LTRO

    John A. Morrison, Asymptotix

    This white paper presents a number of theses about longer-term refinancing operations (LTRO) of the ECB, concerning crowding out, round tripping, its relationship to hedge funds and the equity market, and the high-risk nature of the policy.

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