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Alain Fayolle

Professor and Director, EMLYON Business School, France
Alain FayolleAlain Fayolle

Alain Fayolle is professor and director of the entrepreneurship research center at EM Lyon Business School, France. He is also visiting professor at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Belgium, and HEC Montréal, Canada. His current research work focuses on the dynamics of entrepreneurial processes, the influence of cultural factors on organizations’ entrepreneurial orientation, and the evaluation of entrepreneurship education. Professor Fayolle’s most recent books are Entrepreneurship and New Value Creation: The Dynamic of the Entrepreneurial Process (Cambridge University Press, 2007) and The Dynamics between Entrepreneurship, Environment and Education (Edward Elgar, 2008).

Articles by this Author

  • Assessing Venture Capital Funding for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
    by Alain Fayolle, Joseph LiPuma
    Entrepreneurs and SME managers face two key choices when financing their ventures: debt or equity. Debt in the form of personal loans (including credit cards) and bank loans, key sources for most nascent ventures, gives efficient incentives for managers to exert effort and allow entrepreneurs to maintain control. The availability and utility of debt vary significantly with economic conditions, which, in turn, will have an impact on the supply...

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