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Alan Rugman

Professor, Indiana University, USA
Alan RugmanAlan Rugman

Alan Rugman holds the L. Leslie Waters Chair of International Business at the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, where he is professor of international business and professor of business economics and public policy. He has also been Thames Water Fellow in strategic management at Templeton College, University of Oxford. Dr Rugman has published widely and has served as a consultant to major private sector companies, research institutes, and government agencies, and as an outside adviser on free trade, foreign investment, and international competitiveness to two Canadian prime ministers. Dr Rugman was president of the Academy of International Business from 2004 to 2006.

Articles by this Author

  • Multinationality and Financial Performance
    by Alan Rugman
    Most of the world’s 500 largest firms have extensive international operations; indeed, these firms average 35% of their sales in other countries. Finance officers and senior executives involved in strategic management usually assume that such firms are operating globally. This is a bad mistake, since recent academic research has demonstrated that the vast majority of the foreign sales of these firms are actually made within the firm’s home...
  • Globalization and Regional Business Strategy
    by Alan Rugman
    Recent research suggests that globalization is a myth. Far from taking place in a single global market, most business activity by large firms takes place in regional blocks. There is no uniform spread of US market capitalism, nor are global markets becoming homogenized. Government regulations and cultural differences divide the world into the triad blocks of North America, the European Union, and Japan. Rival multinational enterprises from the...

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