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Contributor Biographies

Amarendra Swarup

Respected Commentator and Expert, UK
Amarendra SwarupAmarendra Swarup

Amarendra Swarup is a respected commentator and expert on financial markets, alternative investments, asset–liability management, regulation, risk management, and pensions. He was formerly a partner at Pension Corporation, a leading UK-based pension buyout firm, and was at an AAA-rated hedge fund of funds in London before that. Swarup is a CAIA charter-holder and sits on the CAIA examinations council, the editorial board, and the Adveq advisory board. He was a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics, setting up the Pensions Tomorrow research initiative, and a member of the CRO and Solvency II committees of the Association of British Insurers. Swarup holds a PhD (cosmology, Imperial College, London) and an MA (natural sciences, University of Cambridge). He has written extensively on diverse topics and is currently writing a book on financial crises throughout history and the common human factors underlying them, to be published by Bloomsbury in 2013.

Articles by this Author

  • Pension Schemes: A Unique and Unintended Basket of Risks on the Balance Sheet
    by Amarendra Swarup
    The only function of economic forecasting, the late American economist J. K. Galbraith once noted, was to make astrology look respectable. And, knowingly or not, it’s a belief that’s endemic in the corporate world.The overriding concern is to find the hidden value in companies—whether in their balance sheet or in their intellectual property—and extract it in the most efficient way possible. Every financial and operational risk is carefully...
  • Carrying Out Due Diligence on Hedge Funds
    by Amarendra Swarup
    Hedge funds have often been cited as valuable additions to any institutional portfolio, thanks to their typically uncorrelated returns to traditional asset classes over the long term, and superior risk-adjusted returns. However, they are also a complex and volatile asset class, and since their ascent onto the investment podium, both institutional and private investors have found themselves burned at regular intervals by embarrassing and costly...

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