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Andrew Tucker

Co-CEO, Mettle Consulting
Andrew TuckerAndrew Tucker

Andrew Tucker teaches at Brunel University, where he leads the “Trustworthy organization” and “Governance beyond the boardroom” projects. He is co-CEO of Mettle Consulting Ltd, a reputation metrics company. He has published widely on corporate reputation, corporate governance, and organizational trust modeling and measurement. He sits on the board of the Online Reputation Management Association. He previously worked as a political analyst and helped to set up an online health-care company.

Articles by this Author

  • Governance and Reputation Risk
    by Andrew Tucker
    Reputation risk is diminished when corporate culture and strategy are closely aligned but heightened when they are divergent.2 In this context, the role of corporate governance is to produce and enforce rules and structures to align a firm’s operating procedures and strategy to produce superior performance. Therefore, ensuring that corporate governance arrangements are optimum are a key aspect of managing reputation risk.However, in recent years...
  • Measuring Brand Reputation
    by Andrew Tucker
    Brand, reputation, and strategy are like a three-legged stool—remove one leg and the stool topples. Whole disciplines have grown up around each leg of the stool, but companies only achieve sustained commercial success when all three are well manufactured, balance each other, and can take the weight of expectations. Of course, building sustained commercial success is more complicated than building stools! Amid the mountains of academic research...

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