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Andy Nash

Chairman, Merrydown Plc, UK

Andy Nash is a serial entrepreneur and has chaired 12 management buyouts and buyins since 1996. During this period he has also successfully chaired two FTSE plcs. He was one of three principles of the Taunton Cider MBO which, at £72 million in 1991, was one of the first big private equity deals in the United Kingdom. The exit via flotation and a recommended takeover for almost £300 million four years later achieved a handsome return for shareholders. His book, The Management Guide to MBOs, was published to acclaim in 2005 and is due to be revised and updated in late 2009. Nash also chairs Somerset county cricket club and, with friends, has built a new day hospital in Zanzibar. In later life he qualified as a ski guide, and he occasionally lectures at Nottingham University’s Business School. He is married with four grown-up children and the family has homes in Somerset and Spain.

Articles by this Author

  • MBOs: A High-Octane and Life-Changing Mode of Business
    by Andy Nash
    MBOs—shorthand for MBIs, BIMBOs, IBOs and the like, as well as management buy-outs—make or lose fortunes for the risk-takers because of the leverage involved. Leverage is the fulcrum on which these deals seesaw between success and failure. Every venture capitalist’s portfolio has a range of leveraged companies, and average returns to their investors are determined by the balance between their star investments and those which stagnate or go bust....

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