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Anne Loft

Professor, Lund University, Sweden
Anne LoftAnne Loft

Anne Loft is professor of accounting at Lund University in Sweden. Gaining a PhD from the London Business School in 1986, she moved to Denmark, becoming professor of auditing there in 1997, moving to Lund University in 2005. She was one of the founder editors of the European Accounting Review (1992–2000), and is currently an editor of the International Journal of Auditing. At present she is writing the official history of the International Federation of accountants (IFAC) jointly with Christopher Humphrey. Her main research interests are in the accounting profession and in auditing regulation—from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

Articles by this Author

  • The Complex World of International Auditing Regulation
    by Christopher Humphrey, Anne Loft
    The development of international audit regulation is closely linked to the development of international accounting regulation. Both have been significantly associated with the globalization of capital markets and growth in importance of international investors. Such investors expect the financial reports of the companies they are investing in to be fair and reliable, with auditors playing a critical role—famously categorized by Paul Volcker in...

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