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Arun Muralidhar

Cofounder and Chairman, AlphaEngine Global Investment Solutions, USA
Arun MuralidharArun Muralidhar

Arun Muralidhar is cofounder and chairman of AlphaEngine Global Investment Solutions (AEGIS) and its parent company, Mcube Investment Technologies. Muralidhar earned an undergraduate degree in economics in 1988 from Wabash College in Indiana. After gaining a PhD in managerial economics at the Sloan School of Management he joined the World Bank, where he rose to become head of investment research for the bank’s pension fund. He has also worked as managing director and head of currency research at JP Morgan Investment Management and FX Concepts.

Articles by this Author

  • The Case for SMART Rebalancing
    by Arun Muralidhar, Sanjay Muralidhar
    Every fund manager has to deal with a vexing issue—namely, how to manage the rebalancing process as the returns from this activity impact the total portfolio performance. There is a wealth of information on these strategies, and many papers have been written on this topic.1 Nersesian (2006) does an excellent job of introducing a process to help determine the ideal rebalancing policy and examine the considerations in selecting the appropriate...

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