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Contributor Biographies

Benoît Lallemand

Co-head of policy analysis, Finance Watch
Benoît LallemandBenoît Lallemand

Benoît Lallemand is co-head of policy analysis at Brussels-based Finance Watch, where he is responsible for banking structure, MiFID II, TTIP and other files. Finance Watch is an independently-funded, public interest advocacy group dedicated to making finance work for the good of society. It aims to help shape future policymaking by countering the lobbying clout of the financial sector in Brussels. Members include consumer groups, housing associations, trade unions, NGOs, financial experts, academics and other civil society groups. Prior to joining Finance Watch Benoît was a senior internal consultant at Brussels-based Euroclear, specializing in asset servicing and business intelligence, including regulatory reporting. He formerly worked as a team leader in structured finance issuance and the co-ordination of business steering committees covering the impact of Basel II, MiFID, consolidation in the post-trade industry and the work of the CESAME group.

Articles by this Author

  • Reforming the mega banks – or “what happened after the tsunami”
    by Benoît Lallemand
    According to the financial lobby, the banking sector has suffered a tsunami of reform. It has faced new rules on capital, liquidity, bank resolution and even a cap on bonuses. If there is any more regulation, we are told, the sector may sink below the waves. If this is true, then the European Commission’s recent proposal on bank structure reform should be blocked or watered down.1Finance Watch does not see it this way. This is not because we...

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