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Bernhard Speyer

Head of Banking, Deutsche Bank Research, Germany
Bernhard SpeyerBernhard Speyer

Bernhard Speyer has been the head of the banking, financial markets, and regulation department of Deutsche Bank Research, the in-house think tank of Deutsche Bank Group, since 2001. In this role, he is responsible for briefing the senior management of the bank on regulatory issues as well as on structural issues in the financial industry. He was previously senior economist at Deutsche Bank Research. Before joining Deutsche Bank Research, he was a lecturer in the economics department of Freie Universität Berlin, where he taught international monetary policy and trade policy. A trained banker, Speyer studied economics at the University of Leicester and the Freie Universität Berlin, from which he graduated.

Articles by this Author

  • Fragment or Unite—But Decide! The Future of EU Financial Supervision
    by Bernhard Speyer, Norbert Walter
    The grave financial crisis, which has engulfed the global economy since 2008, has raised many questions. Many of these are directed at the economic and financial aspects of the crisis, and clearly these must be at the foreground at this stage. But many commentators have also wondered what the financial crisis—which was originated in what traditionally was regarded as the most sophisticated financial market in the world—will ultimately mean for...

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