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Brian Caplen

Editor, The Banker, UK
Brian CaplenBrian Caplen

Brian Caplen has been editor of The Banker since 2003. He joined the Financial Times Group in 2000 from Euromoney, of which he had been executive editor for five years. He also worked as a business editor and journalist in Hong Kong and the Middle East for 10 years. He has travelled extensively and conducted numerous high-level interviews with prime ministers, finance ministers, central bank governors, and senior executives. He has a first-class honors degree in development studies from the University of East Anglia.

Articles by this Author

  • Testing Times: Global Banking Regulation
    by Brian Caplen
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.In the past regulators came under fire for allowing the banks too much rope, but now—with new regulatory bodies springing up—the worry is that politicians will exploit a deeper involvement in banking regulation to impress voters.
  • Basel Rules OK?
    by Brian Caplen
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.The latest Basel incarnation is, to the consternation of the banks, heading inexorably towards a more onerous rulebook, says Brian Caplen.
  • Keeping Money in the Bank
    by Brian Caplen
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.Making banks safe is easy. Regulators just have to insist that they are loaded high with capital and prevented from lending to anyone more risky than a triple A-rated sovereign. That way no bank will collapse ever again.But safe banks are also dysfunctional. A successful banking system is one that mediates between short-term lenders (depositors) and long-term borrowers (companies, governments,...

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