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Contributor Biographies

Caroline Kende-Robb

Executive Director, Africa Progress Panel
Caroline Kende-RobbCaroline Kende-Robb

Caroline Kende-Robb is the executive director of the Africa Progress Panel. Prior to joining the Africa Progress Panel, she spent ten years at the World Bank as a senior manager and technical expert for the Sustainable Development Network in the regions of Africa, Europe and Central Asia, and East Asia. Before joining the World Bank, Kende-Robb worked at the International Monetary Fund where she managed the introduction of a poverty and social perspective into the IMF’s macroeconomic programs. Kende-Robb began her career as a manager in the private sector before working for the EU and the Gambian government.

Articles by this Author

  • Working Toward Equity in Africa’s Extractive Industries
    by Caroline Kende-Robb
    In 2013 the Africa Progress Panel (APP)1 focused on equity in Africa’s extractive industries. Africa is experiencing what is probably going to be a long-running bull market in commodities, driven by continued rapid expansion in emerging markets like China and India. What Africa does not need is to find that it comes out at the other end of this commodities bull market with very little to show for all the mineral and oil wealth that has vanished...

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