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Charles Dumas

Head, World Service, Lombard Street Research, UK
Charles DumasCharles Dumas

Charles Dumas has been head of Lombard Street Research’s World Service since 1998. He has extensive experience as a business economist and financial markets professional. He was a managing director in JP Morgan’s New York M&A department from 1988 to 1992 and has worked in its capital markets group in New York and London. In the 1980s he was Head of Research for JP Morgan in London. In the mid- to late 1970s he was Director of European Economics for General Motors. Before that he worked on tax reform for the British Conservative Party and as a journalist on The Economist. Charles originated the idea of the Eurasian savings glut (of which China’s surplus now forms the largest part) in 2004, and detailed its potentially damaging global impact in two books, The Bill from the China Shop: How Asia’s Savings Glut Threatens the World Economy (Profile Books, 2006, with Diana Choyleva), and China and America: A Time of Reckoning (Profile Books, 2008).

Articles by this Author

  • China’s Fragile New Prosperity
    by Gabriel Stein, Charles Dumas
    A Recurring PatternThere is a recurring pattern in Chinese history. There is chaos in the land, and then a new dynasty seizes power—proving that it possesses the Mandate of Heaven, the right to rule. The founder of the dynasty is competent, probably also ruthless, and China flourishes. His immediate successors are generally also competent (and ruthless) and manage to maintain and possibly even expand their predecessor’s work. But, eventually,...

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