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Chris Skinner

Chairman, Financial Services Club, UK
Chris SkinnerChris Skinner

Chris Skinner is well known as an authority on the future of banking. He chairs the Financial Services Club, a European networking group, works with the media, and presents extensively at conferences globally, speaking about the future of banking. He has written several books on the subject and keeps a daily blog at Previously, he was vice president of marketing and strategy for Unisys Global Financial Services and strategy director with NCR Financial Services. Skinner is also a cofounder of the website for strategists

Articles by this Author

  • What the Rise of Global Banks Means for Your Company
    by Chris Skinner
    Over the past decade, it has seemed that big banks have only gotten bigger. This is down to a variety of factors—from mergers and acquisitions through to technological leverage—but the most overriding factor has been the impact of globalization. As corporations and organizations have created global supply chains, so the largest banks have tried to follow their clients’ needs by creating global infrastructures. For most firms, this means is that...
  • Payment Factories: How to Streamline Financial Flows
    by Chris Skinner
    During the past few years, banks and their clients have been consolidating their payments infrastructures into single, global platforms. Payment consolidation helps to overcome the issues of fragmentation between systems that have been set up over the years. For large international banks and businesses in particular, having duplicate systems in different geographies just does not make sense. As a result, international banks and companies have...

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