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Damian Merciar

Managing Director, Merciar Business Consulting, UK
Damian MerciarDamian Merciar

Damian Merciar is managing director of Merciar Business Consulting,, a niche business economics consultancy founded in 1998. He has twenty years experience in the areas of commercial Business Strategy. He is experienced in the transition environments of nationalized to private sector state utilities and the senior practice of commercial management, advisorial consultancy, and implementation. He has carried out policy advisory work for government ministries and been an adviser to institutional bodies proposing changes to government. He holds an MBA from the University of Kent at Canterbury (1993), attended the leading University in the Middle East, studying International Relations and Language (1992), for which he won a competitive international scholarship, and has a BA (Hons) in Economic History and Political Economy from the University of Portsmouth (1991). He is currently based in London.

Articles by this Author

  • Project Planning Techniques for Small and Medium Enterprises
    by Damian Merciar
    One working definition of a project would be that it is a one-off job that has a known start time, a planned end time, and an intended outcome, and that it would include a defined scope of work, a budget, and personnel assigned to carry out the work. What distinguishes a project from regular work is that it is multi-task in nature—it is not a single job repeated.This is where the Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) comes to...
  • Winning Commercial Tenders
    by Damian Merciar
    Before a vendor or bidding contractor can consider whether his or her deliverable output is aligned with the client’s desired outcome, the client must fully understand what it is they want to achieve by the project. A clearly defined project will greatly assist the vendor in removing the element of second-guessing the client.Fundamentally, the scope of a project comes down to three things:Understanding the client: Appreciate where the client is...

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