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David Ropeik

Instructor, Harvard University, US
David RopeikDavid Ropeik

David Ropeik is an instructor at Harvard University and a consultant on risk perception, communication, and management. He is author of two books, most recently How Risky Is It, Really? (2010). He blogs on several websites, including Scientific American, Huffington Post, and Psychology Today. He was a television reporter in Boston for 22 years, where he specialized in environment and science issues. He has twice won the duPont–Columbia University Award, sometimes cited as the television equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. He created and directs the program “Improving media coverage of risk” and has taught journalism at Boston University, Tufts University, and MIT.

Articles by this Author

  • Why Financial and Other Serious Risks Are Such Slippery Concepts to Get Hold Of
    by David Ropeik
    Many years ago, as a broadcast journalist in Boston, I noticed that in any situation in which a risk was involved, people were either more afraid of the risk than circumstances warranted, or were not afraid enough, based on what the experts said about the evidence. This led to the realization that any conversation about risk has to respect the fact that there is no single knowable, factual truth concerning risk. There is only the reality that...

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