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David Sadtler

Associate, Ashridge Strategic Management Centre, UK
David SadtlerDavid Sadtler

David Sadtler is an associate of the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre. His research, teaching, consulting, and writing activities are concentrated on questions of corporate-level strategy. A graduate of Brown University (mathematics and economics) and of Harvard Business School, his career has been divided between consulting and industry. Sadtler was the corporate development director and a main board director of London International Group plc, a diversified healthcare company, for eight years and is a two-time alumnus of McKinsey & Company, having served a broad range of clients on questions of strategy in the New York, Amsterdam, and London offices.

Articles by this Author

  • Using Financial Analysis to Evaluate Strategy
    by David Sadtler
    Many well-known tools and techniques of financial analysis are used by investors, stockbrokers, and corporate managers to assess corporate performance. Their use is particularly prevalent in mergers and acquisitions and in the analysis of capital expenditure. But how often do we say: “Let’s do some financial analysis to see if this strategy is any good. Let’s take a view on the corporate portfolio and the extent to which value is added by the...
  • Corporate-Level Strategy
    by David Sadtler
    Implementing a successful corporate-level strategy has become an urgent priority for all corporations. Parent companies must demonstrate that they are creating stockholder value by their own actions and initiatives, and not just reaping the profits of the businesses in their charge. The sanctions for being seen to fail in this challenge can be severe. At the very least, stock prices will suffer; at the other extreme, predators will force a...
  • Acquisition Integration: How to Do It Successfully
    by David Sadtler
    Acquisitions of any size are a major undertaking for both the acquirer and the target. Substantial returns—in particular returns in excess of the cost of capital employed in the entire initiative—are required not only to create stockholder value, but also to justify the enormous investment of managerial time and effort that goes into a takeover. Many acquisitions succeed. Indeed, many corporate acquirers do a large number of deals and become...

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