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David Smith

Economics Editor, Sunday Times (London), UK
David SmithDavid Smith

David Smith has been economics editor of the London Sunday Times since 1989, where he writes a weekly column. He is the author of several books, including The Rise and Fall of Monetarism and, most recently The Dragon and the Elephant: China, India and the New World Order.

Articles by this Author

  • Prophet of Instability
    by David Smith
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.When, in December 2008, Bernie Madoff confessed to his sons that there was “absolutely nothing” left in his massive investment fund and that it had been “one big lie” and “a giant Ponzi scheme” from the start, the thoughts of many people turned to previous scandals revealed by a sudden change in the financial weather.In Madoff’s case, the exposure of the scandal was attributed to the sudden...
  • Proceed with Caution: Chinese Economic Policy
    by David Smith
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.Hopes that China may be prepared to countenance liberalization and the opening up of its financial sector are likely to be dashed, says David Smith. Risk aversion and caution will remain its watchwords as it defines its new global role.

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