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Edib Smolo

Resarcher and Coordinator, International Shari’ah Research Academy (ISRA) for Islamic Finance, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Edib SmoloEdib Smolo

Edib Smolo is a researcher and coordinator of the Islamic Banking Unit at the International Shari’ah Research Academy (ISRA) for Islamic Finance. He received a double bachelor’s degree in economics and Islamic revealed knowledge and heritage, as well as a master’s degree in economics, from the International Islamic University Malaysia. He also holds a Certificate for Professional Specialization in Political Management from the Bulgarian School of Politics, jointly organized by the New Bulgarian University and the Council of Europe. Prior to joining ISRA, Smolo worked for an insurance company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and at the same time he was assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. He is features editor of the ISRA Bulletin. Smolo has authored and coauthored several papers on Islamic microfinance, economics, and finance.

Articles by this Author

  • Capital Adequacy Requirements for Islamic Financial Institutions: Key Issues
    by M. Kabir Hassan, Ebid Smolo
    The Islamic financial industry (IFI) has grown tremendously in the last two to three decades. In short, Islamic finance refers to financial activities that are guided by the teachings of shariah (Islamic law), which strictly prohibits the payment and receipt of interest. Today, Islamic finance attracts both Muslim and non-Muslim market participants. The worldwide market for shariah-compliant Islamic financial products is estimated to be between...

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