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Edmund Truell

Founder, Pension Corporation, UK
Edmund TruellEdmund Truell

Edmund Truell is the founder of Pension Corporation, a leading provider of risk management solutions to defined benefit pension funds, which was established in 2006. Pension Corporation has £5bn of pension assets under stewardship and amongst other achievements was the first to insure the benefits of a public sector pension scheme, as well as transacting the largest ever UK corporate pension insurance buyout. Edmund has twenty two years’ experience in private equity and debt markets. He was appointed chief executive of Hambro European Ventures in 1994; led the 1998 buyout and formation of Duke Street Capital; and was responsible in 2000 for creating and building Duke Street Capital Debt Management. Edmund was chairman of the British Venture Capital Association 2001–02. He is a trustee of the Truell Charitable Foundation and of the Galapagos Conservation Trust.

Articles by this Author

  • How to Manage Pension Costs
    by Edmund Truell
    A huge increase in life expectancy is one of the great achievements of the human race over the past two centuries. Increased longevity has transformed both individuals’ lives and their societies, with the most marked changes taking place in the developed world. Actual increases in life expectancy have been far more substantial than previously projected, with the result that governments, businesses, financial markets, and individuals must...

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