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Eric R. Dinallo

Superintendent, New York State Insurance Department, USA

Eric R. Dinallo has been superintendent of insurance for New York State since January 2007. During his tenure the New York State Insurance Department has been given the 2008 Esprit de Corps award by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for outstanding service to state insurance regulation. He has worked with the United States Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and others in the rescue of financial services giant AIG. He is chair of the 50-state task force of the NAIC charged with safeguarding AIG insurance interests during the federal government’s stewardship of the company. He has served as chair of the NAIC’s Life and Annuities Committee since January 2008.

Articles by this Author

  • Credit Derivatives—The Origins of the Problem
    by Eric R. Dinallo
    There is no doubt that credit default swaps (CDSs) have played a major role in the financial problems the world now faces. As the insurance regulator for New York, the New York Insurance Department had a role to play in the development of CDSs. As they developed, there was a question about whether or not they were insurance. As they initially were used by owners of bonds to seek protection or insurance in the case of a default by the issuer of...

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