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Erik Stern

President International, Stern Stewart & Co, UK
Erik SternErik Stern

Erik Stern, president international of Stern Stewart & Co., has advised numerous organizations on their implementation of EVA. He coauthored the EVAluation report on cascading EVA to shop-floor employees, “The capitalist manifesto,” and has written for many publications, including the Financial Times. A global value ranking based on his pioneering metric, the Wealth Added Index (WAI), was highlighted in the Economist (December 1, 2001). His book The Value Mindset was published in 2004. Stern has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BA (Hons) from Brown University.

Articles by this Author

  • Why EVA Is the Best Measurement Tool for Creating Shareholder Value
    by Erik Stern
    Financial measuring tools are many and varied. The media and equity analysts focus on financial accounting metrics such as sales and sales growth, margin, operating profit and operating profit growth, bottom-line earnings and its partner earnings per share (EPS), market value, return on equity, and return on assets or cash flow.Each of these metrics is flawed. Neither sales nor operating profit accounts for the financial requirements necessary...

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