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Contributor Biographies

Francesco Vallascas

Associate Professor in Banking and Finance, University of Leeds, UK

Francesco Vallascas is an associate professor in banking and finance at the University of Leeds and is on leave from the University of Cagliari, where he is a lecturer in financial intermediation. His research examines banking risk in Europe and its implications for the reregulation of the financial industry. Recently, his research has appeared in the Journal of Banking and Finance, the Journal of Corporate Finance, and the Journal of Financial Services Research.

Articles by this Author

  • Capital Regulation After the Financial Crisis
    by Jens Hagendorff, Francesco Vallascas
    The capital structure of banks differs in important aspects from that of nonfinancial firms. One such aspect is that bank managements need to comply with capital adequacy rules that impose minimum capital requirements. To justify regulatory interference in the capital structure of banks, financial economists point to an important moral hazard problem. The argument goes that, in the absence of regulatory capital requirements, bank shareholders...

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