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Gail Harden

Internal Audit Manager, Specialized Technology Resources, USA
Gail HardenGail Harden

Gail Harden is internal audit manager with Specialized Technology Resources, Inc. (STR). She created the internal audit function at both STR and her previous employer, United Natural Foods, Inc. Harden has been the sole internal auditor at each company, utilizing creative and insightful ways to meet the demands and standards of the internal audit profession with limited resources. At United Natural Foods she was responsible for implementing the Sarbanes–Oxley compliance process. Gail has seven years’ experience in internal audit and 13 years’ experience in accounting. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and MS in business administration and is a certified internal auditor (CIA).

Articles by this Author

  • How Internal Auditing Can Help with a Company’s Fraud Issues
    by Gail Harden
    Regulatory oversight is increasing, as are penalties. A passive attitude in an organization toward oversight and the topic of fraud, antifraud programs, and controls would be a strong indicator of a significant deficiency in its system of internal controls.Economic factors can increase the occurrence of fraudulent practices. When the economy is in a downturn the risk of fraud increases due to personal financial pressures, the stagnation of...

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