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Giles Keating

Managing Director, Credit Suisse, UK
Giles KeatingGiles Keating

Giles Keating is a managing director of Credit Suisse in the Private Banking Division. He is head of private banking research and also responsible for the research groups of asset management. He is also chair of the Global Economics and Strategy Group of Credit Suisse. Before joining Credit Suisse First Boston in 1986, Keating was a research fellow at the London Business School Centre for Economic Forecasting, where he built an econometric model of the UK financial system. He spent six years at the Confederation of British Industry, finishing as head of the Economic Forecasting Department. He has published widely in academic and general media on macroeconomics, financial markets, and public policy.

Articles by this Author

  • Mixflation
    by Giles Keating
    Previous eras—viewed through the simplifying lens of history—seem often to fall into periods of inflation and deflation: the great falling-price boom of the 1880s; The deflationary slump of the 1930s; the inflationary 1970s. But modern times are more mixed. Over much of the last 10 years, manufactured goods prices have fallen while commodity prices soared. During 2008, this bifurcation seemed to briefly give way to a more generalized inflation,...

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