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Guofu Zhou

Professor, Olin Business School, USA
Guofu ZhouGuofu Zhou

Guofu Zhou is professor of finance at Olin Business School, Washington University. His teaching and research interests include asset pricing tests, asset allocation, portfolio optimization, Bayesian learning and model evaluation, econometric methods in finance, futures, options, and derivatives, the term structure of interest rates, and the real option valuation of corporate projects. Before joining Olin Business School in 1990, Zhou studied at Duke University for his PhD in economics and MA in mathematics, at Academia Sinica for an MS in numerical analysis, and at Chengdu College of Geology for a BS.

Articles by this Author

  • Understanding the Role of Diversification
    by Guofu Zhou
    To diversify is to do things with variety in order to improve well-being. Diversification is thus a common and fundamental concept in both daily life and business. However, the practice is primarily known as a way of reducing risk by investing in a variety of assets or business ventures. Buying one utility stock in the East coast and one in the West will minimize local shocks, while maintaining roughly the same return as buying either of the two...

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