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Contributor Biographies

Hansjörg Nymphius

Chairman, Euro Banking Association, France
Hansjörg NymphiusHansjörg Nymphius

Hansjörg Nymphius is director of market infrastructures at Deutsche Bank’s Global Transaction Bank, and global product manager for financial supply chain management. He previously held the position of global head of methodologies and performance management. Over the course of his career he has actively participated in various domestic and international industry bodies, both at working group level and in policy-making. Currently he is chairman of the board of the Euro Banking Association (EBA), Paris. Nymphius has been a key driver behind the integration of EU payments markets over the past decade. As a senior manager he has made significant contributions to the successful deployment of euro market infrastructures, business rules, and standards.

Articles by this Author

  • Electronic Invoicing in the European Union
    by Hansjörg Nymphius
    Europe is entering a crucial stage in the development of electronic invoicing. The European Commission (EC) has made the development of e-invoicing an objective in both the 2002 and the 2005 eEurope Action Plans.1The invoice, just to summarize, consists of an itemized account of goods shipped, services performed or work done, an amount expended or owed, and a demand for payment. It may contain a range of other administrative or logistics...

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