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Hassan Ahmed Yusuf

Operational Risk Manager, Masraf Al Rayan, Al Rayan Bank, Doha, Qatar
Hassan Ahmed YusufHassan Ahmed Yusuf

Hassan Ahmed Yusuf is operational risk manager at Masraf Al Rayan (Al Rayan Bank), an Islamic financial institution in Qatar. Currently a PhD candidate in Islamic finance at the International Islamic University Malaysia, he holds a MSc in economics from that university. He also holds a MBA in finance from the University of Poona and a BComm degree from Osmania University. He has written a number of published and unpublished articles on Islamic finance, shariah, and risk management in economic development. Yusuf is also a member of several risk management associations.

Articles by this Author

  • Investment Risk in Islamic Finance
    by Kamal Abdelkarim Hassan, Hassan Ahmed Yusuf
    At the inception of Islamic finance, Islamic economists advocated change and developed a policy for Islamic banking practice and process, arguing that the main aspect of conventional banking—riba (interest)—required immediate rectification if Islamic banking was to exist. To achieve this goal, profit and loss sharing methods were introduced, along with other products such as ijarah (lease) and murabahah (cost plus). The rest of the technical...

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