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Contributor Biographies

Hovik Tumasyan

Director, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Toronto, Canada
Hovik TumasyanHovik Tumasyan

Hovik is a Director with PwC’s Risk Advisory practice in Toronto. He has fifteen years of experience in the areas of risk capital and liquidity management. He has managed financial risks for and advised a wide variety of financial institutions that range from broker/dealers and investment banks to regional and government sponsored banks in North America, UK and APAC. He regularly publishes and makes speaking engagements. Hovik holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Mathematical Finance from Oxford, UK and Ph.D. in Physics from USA/Russia.

Articles by this Author

  • Understanding and Applying Funds Transfer Pricing
    by Hovik Tumasyan
    In its simplest form funds transfer pricing (FTP) is the process whereby the treasury of a bank (its funding center) aggregates funds centrally and then redistributes them throughout the business units, balancing funding resource excesses and shortages and thus creating an internal market for liquidity. If there is still a deficit for funds, the treasury raises more funds from the capital markets, and if there is an excess of funds, treasury...

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