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Jeffrey Ridley

Visiting Professor, London South Bank University, UK
Jeffrey RidleyJeffrey Ridley

Jeffrey Ridley is visiting professor of auditing at London South Bank University. He teaches and researches internal auditing, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and quality management. His experience spans both the public and private sectors over 40 years. Formerly he was manager of internal auditing at Kodak UK, an operational auditor at Vauxhall Motors, and a member of the British colonial audit service in Nigeria. He is a past president of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (UK and Ireland) and in 2010 was awarded its distinguished service award. He has been a member of the IIA’s international board of regents and of its international committee on quality. Currently he is a member of the IIA Research Foundation’s board of research advisers and also of the editorial advisory board for the IIA’s journal Internal Auditor. Ridley’s books include Leading Edge Internal Auditing and Cutting Edge Internal Auditing.

Articles by this Author

  • Internal Auditing’s Contribution to Sustainability
    by Jeffrey Ridley
    Sustainability programs have three aims: people, planet, and profit. Few organizations today, across all sectors, will be without some form of sustainable development program—be it for altruistic reasons, required by regulation, or to stay at the cutting edge in their competitive market places. There can also be strong economic, environmental, and social reasons for marketing sustainable products and services: for reputational reasons and to...
  • Starting a Successful Internal Audit Function to Meet Present and Future Demands
    by Jeffrey Ridley
    In 1998 on the occasion of the fifty-year celebration of the establishment of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)’s five chapters in the United Kingdom, I wrote:1“We need to be seen as innovators in the world of regulation, control and auditing. Creativity, innovation and experimentation are now key to our professional success. They must be the vision of all internal auditing functions. This means improving old and developing new products...
  • The Internal Audit Role—Is There an Expectation Gap in Your Organization?
    by Jeffrey Ridley
    Establishing the internal audit role in any organization requires formality to ensure that it is understood not only by the board and management but also by its customers across the organization and, where necessary, those external to the organization. The internal audit assurance and consulting role should be explained clearly in a charter to minimize any expectation gaps at board and organization levels. When the role is being established, it...
  • Total Quality Management and Internal Auditing
    by Jeffrey Ridley
    The 1980s and 1990s saw a worldwide increase in the teaching and implementation of quality schemes. Most of these programs focused on economics and customer satisfaction, with controlled processes, key performance indicators, and feedback mechanisms. All involved a need for continuous improvement. All required total commitment. Many evolved from existing quality control and assurance functions, and many were new, established because of...

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