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Jeremy Phillips

Intellectual Property Consultant, Olswang LLP, UK
Jeremy PhillipsJeremy Phillips

Jeremy Phillips is an intellectual property consultant, author, lecturer and commentator on patents, trademarks, copyrights, and most contemporary issues involving intellectual property rights. He is an intellectual property consultant at Olswang LLP solicitors, honorary research fellow at the Intellectual Property Institute, and visiting professorial fellow, Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, Queen Mary, University of London. Cofounder and blogmeister of the IPKat weblog, Phillips is currently involved in the development of weblog-based intellectual property communities.

Articles by this Author

  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property—Nonregistered Rights
    by Jeremy Phillips
    While patents, trademarks, and some other intellectual property rights require registration following a process of application and examination or deposit, other rights (such as copyright or some design rights) automatically come into being either when a work is created or as a consequence of a relationship. Examples of the latter are the rights in confidential information that arise from the relationship of a person who communicates information...
  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property—Registered Rights
    by Jeremy Phillips
    Although some intellectual property rights come into existence on the creation of their subject matter, most intellectual property rights are not recognized by law until a process of registration is completed. Patents for inventions, trademarks, and some types of design are generally subject to registration systems.Patents protect inventions that are new, nonobvious, and industrially applicable. Trademarks protect words, names, logos, product...

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