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Jim Rogers

Cofounder, Quantum Fund, USA
Jim RogersJim Rogers

Jim Rogers was educated at Yale and Balliol College, Oxford. After he cofounded the Quantum Fund with George Soros in 1970, the fund surged by 4,200% over the next decade, while the Standard & Poor’s index rose by 47%. Rogers has worked as a professor of finance at Columbia University, columnist, author, and a contrarian investor. In the early 1990s he traveled 65,000 miles through six continents on a BMW motorcycle and ended up with a portfolio of investments in some of the world’s most unexpected markets. In 1998 he became bullish about commodities, predicting an enduring commodities rally, and later launched the Rogers International Commodities Index.

Articles by this Author

  • Asia: Future Perspectives
    by Jim Rogers
    It is because in Asia they’re fresher at it and they haven’t yet had the chance to get corrupted and corroded. In China, they still call themselves Communists. They didn’t have a stock market 20 years ago, nor did Vietnam. Thirty years ago Mao Tse-tung was still running China; Indira Gandhi and Nehru were ruining India; East and West Pakistan had just had a big split; Vietnam had been destroyed by war. So, 30 years ago Asia was not in the game.

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