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John L. Mariotti

President, CEO, and founder, Enterprise Group, USA
John L. MariottiJohn L. Mariotti

John L. Mariotti is the president, CEO, and founder of the Enterprise Group, a coalition of time-shared executive advisers. Mariotti is a director on corporate boards, including World Kitchen, LLC. Previously he was president of Rubbermaid Office Products Group (1992–94), leading nine divisions spanning four continents, and president of Huffy Bicycles (1982–92), the world’s largest bicycle company in that era. Mariotti has written nine business books, a novel, thousands of articles, columns, and blog posts, and is a highly regarded keynote speaker. His book The Complexity Crisis received awards as one of 2008’s best business books. He was previously a contributing editor for Industry Week magazine and he currently writes for He can be found at

Articles by this Author

  • The Missing Metrics: Managing the Cost of Complexity
    by John L. Mariotti
    Accounting systems have come a long way in the past decades. Activity-based costing revealed where costs were being incurred and what was driving them. The blizzard of regulations following the debacles involving Enron, WorldCom, and others led to the passage of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act (in the United States) and many other new regulations. Although these are burdensome, they impose much-needed disciplines on finance and accounting.In spite of...
  • Allocating Corporate Capital Fairly
    by John L. Mariotti
    The appetite of organizations for capital is insatiable. Understanding the nature of capital and its effective allocation is essential to organizational success. Classical economics defines land, labor, and capital as the determinants of wealth, each being exclusive to its owner. Now there is a fourth determinant of wealth—information—and it is nonexclusive. The more information is shared, the more valuable it becomes. Business is a competition...

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