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John Sandwick

Islamic asset management consultant, Geneva, Switzerland
John SandwickJohn Sandwick

John A. Sandwick moved to Geneva in 1993, first working at Deutsche Bank (Suisse), and then at Banque Leu, a unit of Credit Suisse Private Banking. In 1999 he started his own conventional wealth management company, but in 2009 he converted his practice to entirely shariah-compliant asset management. Sandwick has been called a pioneer of Islamic banking by Schweizer Bank magazine and has appeared in numerous venues worldwide, including the World Islamic Economic Forum and many International Islamic Finance Forum events. He has a master’s degree in development banking from the American University in Washington, DC, and is author of numerous works on Islamic banking in the Western and Arabic press.

Articles by this Author

  • Managing Shariah-Compliant Portfolios: The Challenges, the Process, and the Opportunities
    by John Sandwick
    It is still puzzling to understand why something as straightforward as Islamic wealth and asset management has eluded the professional classes to date. At the time of writing, only one single major global money center bank, and paltry few independent asset managers, had constructed credible service offerings for Muslim clients who wish to enjoy shariah-compliant investing along with professional investment management.1This seems counterintuitive...

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